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Oil Massacre Continues...

Got back home on Thursday and discovered a big box on our front step and a painting on the top of the box. Both items had big pink stickers with somebody's name and local courier labels. Sender - Husky Energy, a big oil company in Calgary.

Stared at the box for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what it was.

I have to admit that I am addicted to on- line shopping and various boxes arrive at our house regularly. M. swears that the whole neighbourhood knows about my problem and even reno guys who spent a lot of time at our house last year made jokes about it ( how rude! :-))

However, this box didn't look like a parcel... Just a regular office box... Plus the painting... The painting had some sort of company's milestone on it... And all of a sudden we got it. There was a recent announcement that Husky was laying off another thousand or so people in Calgary. I imagine people were just escorted out of the building when they showed up for work. Their office belongings are being couriered all over Calgary. The courier guy delivered the box to the wrong house.

Sad, very sad and unsettling.

For the last ten years Calgary was enjoying benefits of high oil prices and couldn't imagine that the party would be over some day. Today the doomsday boxes are shipped all over the city and there is no relief in sight. Calgarians are blaming ( very politely) Saudis and government and trying to foresee what kind of future awaits their city.

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