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Back in the USSR - time travelling with Urban Barn

It was an ordinary Saturday morning in Calgary, Alberta. Who knew that in a few hours I would travel in a time machine, 25 years back to a country which doesn't exist anymore...

A few days ago I purchased a side table in one of my favourite stores in town - Urban Barn. Instead of purchasing the table the old fashion way - in store, I purchased it on line. I don't know why - maybe I' m that hip ( ha ha) or maybe I'm addicted to on- line shopping. Nevertheless, in a couple of days I got a phone call that my table is ready to be picked up at the Calgary warehouse. Pick ups are by appointment only, so mine was scheduled on Saturday at 4 pm, right before closing.

Nothing, absolutely nothing predicted what happened next.

M. and I arrived about 3:45 pm to find out that the warehouse didn't have our appointment or order information...

Well, not a big deal, right? Luckily enough, we live in a wonderful era of computers, where ANY missing information should be available in a matter of seconds. I quickly produced the receipt with the order number expecting to be taken care of...

And here is the part where the time machine appears out of nowhere and takes me and the whole warehouse back to the USSR. To the country, which was infamous for its bad customer service...To the country where the customers were scolded and treated with annoyance... To the country, which ceased to exist due to its failed economy... Distant memory from my childhood...

The warehouse supervisor grumpily informs me that my order number is not good enough and I need to show the proper order number to get my table...He tells me that I won't be getting my table today... Turns around and walks away...Conversation is over, he has other things to do.

Me, facing his back: Could you please get me the proper number out of your system? After all, I made all arrangements through your Customer Service, had an appointment and drove 15 km to this warehouse? Or at least call your Customer Service to sort this out?

Supervisor, very annoyed: No, I don't know the Customer Service phone number. You'll have to sort it out yourself.

Clearly, he was not going to help. Clearly, I couldn't believe this was happening. I got soft in Canada, I was not mentally prepared to fight for my table.

Anyway, I pulled myself together and called my home number to get Urban Barn Customer Service number off my answering machine. I called Urban Barn Customer Service and complained about the situation. The time machine re-appeared again and took me back to Canada, modem times. The customer service guy took care of everything, contacted the warehouse manager, sorted out the order number. I had my table within 10 minutes.

Yes, I had my happy ending. Yes, I was helped in the end. Will I ever shop at Urban Barn again? I really doubt it, not a big fan of time machines :-)
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